Hearing Assistive Technology Demos

There are no scheduled HAT Demos due to COVID19 restrictions.  Please check back later

FREE hands-on demonstrations of Assistive Listening Technology (”HAT”) devices that help with hearing.

2nd Saturday of January, March, September, and November 10:30 a.m. to Noon Weingart Center, Lakewood (see map)

Hearing aids are not the ONLY way to help with your hearing. Do you have trouble hearing your smoke alarm doorbell, telephone or alarm clock? Do you struggle to hear conversations in restaurants or other noisy environments? Have you stopped watching some TV shows because you can’t make out the words?

Come see and try around 50 devices that can help you hear better in and away from home. We don’t sell anything here, but we can show you a sampling of specialty products that you may not know about and that are hard to find in stores.

Note: We do NOT demonstrate hearing aids at these events. We do not sell any devices. We show and demonstrate them only.

HAT flyer for download

Demo dates for 2021.  TBD


Disclaimer – These meetings are sponsored by the Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America. This HLAA chapter does not sell any of the devices itself, nor does it otherwise profit from this demonstration service. The Weingart Senior Center and the Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America make no warranties, presentations or claims concerning the quality, quantity or availability of services or products herein.