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December 13, 2018   COME JOIN US! 

We’re celebrating the Holiday season with a party!  Bring a dish to share or just show up! We have a game or two to play and good food to eat.  We’re starting a new part of our meetings; we plan to have someone take 5-10 minutes and tell their hearing story.

Then on the following Saturday is our last HAT demo for 2018.   If someone you know is struggling to hear even with hearing aids, come see some devices that might help.  Great Christmas present ideas!  We can help with face-to-face communication, watching TV or using a computer, or a device to let you know someone’s at the door.


November 8, 2018 Meeting Re-cap

We had a great presentation at our November Chapter meeting.  Dr. Gary Dorf, Au.D., spoke to us about “How Our Brain Works to Hear.”